Add some useful plugins to your Xcode

As we know Xcode is the most important tool for iOS develops. It’s time for us to improve coding environment. However, if you use AppCode for development, it will be better, I think.

First, go to or copy the following code to Terminal to install Alcatraz for a better plugin environment in Xcode.

$ curl -fsSL | s

Secondly, now you have Alcatraz to manage your powerful plugins. In Xcode, go to Windows -> Package Manger for plugin management or directly press ⌘+⇧+9

Last but not least, here are some very useful plugins that I want to share with you.

By the way, you can search and install plugins in the Package Manager above.

Some plugins I am using:


  • It allows Xcode to hide the console automatically while you’re typing.


  • It helps you pick color quickly and translates color to codes for you.


  • It’s like a pilot because it can search everything in your project including codes, methods, etc.


  • If you feel good about the completion in Xcode, you’ll feel better about this plugin about completion.