As we know Xcode is the most important tool for iOS develops. It’s time for us to improve coding environment. However, if you use AppCode for development, it will be better, I think.

First, go to or copy the following code to Terminal to install Alcatraz for a better plugin environment in Xcode.

$ curl -fsSL | s

Secondly, now you have Alcatraz to manage your powerful plugins. In Xcode, go to Windows -> Package Manger for plugin management or directly press ⌘+⇧+9

Last but not least, here are some very useful plugins that I want to share with you.

By the way, you can search and install plugins in the Package Manager above.

Some plugins I am using:


  • It allows Xcode to hide the console automatically while you’re typing.


  • It helps you pick color quickly and translates color to codes for you.


  • It’s like a pilot because it can search everything in your project including codes, methods, etc.


  • If you feel good about the completion in Xcode, you’ll feel better about this plugin about completion.