As time passes, things change everyday.

Lately, everything has been changing. Everyone is changing. My friends, they are changing. Some of them are planning for abroad study, which I think they’re lucky and yea they earn these opportunities. I hope they’ll learn much about the foreign culture, because it’s really awesome to some extent. However, the worst thing is, that I don’t know about myself truly.

During the winter vacation, I’ve talked to my parents about my ideas and thoughts after graduating from STU. Yea, of course. Everything is up to me. They really support me and encourage me to work hard for my goals. As they saw in the vacation, I was totally frustrated. I don’t know why for christ’s sake. Sometimes I think I’m just too concerned about my future, and I’m worried about it.

Since Xiaofu and I released the first version of the syllabus app, I’ve been upset even though I just achieved one of my dreams in the university:) The number of users is growing slowly, and Daijie joined us and then we released the second version which is more awesome. So, what I really care about now is whether I should do a postgraduate study after graduating. Firstly, I should do it because I’ve already applied for the TOEFL examination, which took me a lot courage to do that. Now, I’m picking up English as I did in high school - recite lots of vocabularies, practise listening, reading different kinds of English books. Oh, it’s OK? No, meanwhile, I should improve my CS skill and discover my favorite field in CS including AI, VR, etc. Done? No! I should play the trumpet as I did in the last semester. I can’t stop ‘cause the band needs me all the time. If I quit, I’ll let them down. Then all is well? No! But things have been changing which is true to me. As long as I work hard, I can see my goals clearly, and I know they are really shining.

To be or not to be. I just know that I should realize the innermost core of the society today, which can precisely guide me on my way towards goals. After I finished reading The Catcher in the Rye, I see Holden is a very special man in the nowadays society. He has his goals, and he knows the living he’s perfevid to. Now, I’m reading Zero to One. I need to get used to this type of books, ‘cause I’ve been reading novels all the time. Though it’s not hard for me to understand - not like many difficult terms in The Greek Coffin Mystery, it conveys many useful advanced conceptions to me about innovation and technology. Awesome!