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Trumpet Cat

I’m Junhao. Welcome to my website!

I currently work on O3DE Game Engine (Lumberyard) at AWS Game Tech. 😊

GitHub: Follow @forkercat

Resume_Junhao_Wang_EN.pdf  |  LinkedIn  |  echo anVuaGFvb3dAeWFob28uY29t | base64 --decode

[Unity Game - Plan Odyssey]

Collaborating with two other students at USC, we three created this 3D exploration game!

[Graphics & Rendering]

Palico Engine - Metal-Based Game Engine in Swift 🐑

Still in development!

Forker Renderer - CPU-Based Forward / Deferred Rasterizer, A Tiny OpenGL 🐼

Render Apex Legend Horizon, Cafe Menu Chalkboard, Gossblade Greatsword (MHR)

Support PBR, Shadow Effect (PCSS), SSAO

Forker Path Tracer - CPU-Based Software Path Tracer That Generates High-Quality Images 🐰

Render Cafe Menu Chalkboard

CSCI-420 Course Assignments

Course Assignment Screenshots

[Mobile Applications - My Friends and I Created]

  • 汕大课程表 | Campus App | 2015   (15,000+ users)   [App Store] [My Team]
  • 马先生的救赎 | Save Mr. Marx App | 2016   (4,500+ users)   [App Store]

I made the iOS versions with Objective-C 🤗. I am no longer in charge of them. Junior fellow students will follow up :)

PC/Console Gamer: check out my game list

Pathfinder: We are the champion squad!

Junhao Wang
a software engineering cat
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